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rOpenGov is a community that produces open source program codes and algorithms for computational social science and digital humanities. CEEMID releases some of its proprietary program code on a open source basis for peer-review within this community.


iotables is an R program package that was released on CRAN by Daniel Antal.

Programatic approach to improve European regional statistics[edit]

A very important part of my work is to pre-process data, and integrate various data tables into tidy, comprehensive data tables or databases. This is particularly difficult but rewarding when working with statistics on sub-national, regional level. While country borders are very rarely change in the world, regional boundaries are changing on average every three years withing the European Union. Putting together data with 2010, 2013, 2017 and the forthcoming 2021 regional boundaries is a very difficult task.

Some of CEEMID's program code was released as a part of the eurostat R package on CRAN to help users and researchers with this very painful, error-prone task. As a result, more and more of CEEMID's work, and particularly the music indicators of CEEMID, are becoming available not only for the EU member states but for regions, too. See [1]


  1. Daniel Antal (2020): Regional data examples for the eurostat R package. | Article on the eurostat package website