Music Diversity and Circulation

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Music Diversity and Circulation is the second pillar of the planned European Music Observatory

  • Cross-border circulation of works/repertoire (e.g. building common definition and indicators, mapping of cross-border access, sales and consumption flows) See [next slide| examples].
  • Cross-border mobility of artists and professionals (e.g. cross-border live performances, mobility of professionals, international music events)
  • Cultural diversity aspects (e.g. languages, genres, types of productions)

CEEMID collects indicators on all these aspects and depending on the topic, covers more or less EU member states. We are currently working with many stakeholders to access grants to further develop both our data collection/integration methodology and provide better sampling of large quantity information (for example, circulation in streaming).

CEEMID examples[edit]


  1. Daniel Antal: Central European Music Industry Report 2020. Published by CEEMID and Consolidated Independent. online version