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The R package iotables is released on the Comprehensive R Archive Network within the rOpenGov collaboration as an open-source software to create open data for economic impact assessments, particularly on the value added, employment and tax effects, multipliers of the music industry[1].

Our iotables (see package website) package programmatically creates gross-value added, employment, taxation effect and multiplier indicators from real national accounts data for all EU countries by providing a data processing and modelling software to implement the use cases of the Eurostat Manual of Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables[2]. The software package was released on rOpenGov.

The package was originally designed for the economic impact assessment of film production in Hungary and for the Slovak music industry. (See Slovak Music Industry Report 2019) With the help of this package, we can, for example, calculate the effect of 1 million euro crisis relief package on the GDP, employment and future tax receipts between car manufacturing, banking, the music industry and book publishing in all EU countries. By releasing our software code, we could compare test results on calculating economic impact indicators for the creative industries and other industries with the UK statistical office[3]. We want to release more and more of CEEMID's software code, so that professional statisticians can validate that they work perfectly or suggest improvements.


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