European Music Observatory

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The European Music Observatory (here after "the Observatory") is a planned agency for music industry.

According to the Call for Tenders on Feasibility study for the establishment of a European Music Observatory[1] it should act as a central data gathering agency for identification, and analysis of trends, needs and opportunities for the full range of music sub-sectors across Europe. The Observatory would aim at improving data collection and comparability-compatibility of data from alternative data sources. It should make use of “big data” for the development of new methodologies to improve the mapping of the music ecosystem and monitor new forms of cultural participation. The Observatory would concentrate particularly on aggregating information that will help informed and efficient policy making at EU level in the field of music.

CEEMID is a data integration system that could provide to be a model and starting point of building a European Music Observatory based on open data, open-source software using best statistics, data science and AI practices. CEEMID has created thousands of high-value, hard music industry indicators using open data sources, industry data sources, surveys and various APIs to relevant other data sources.

  1. Feasibility study for the establishment of a European Music Observatory Call for Tenders N° EAC/14/2018