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An API or application programming interface is a computing interface exposed by a particular software program, library, operating system or internet service, to allow third parties to use the functionality of that software application. (See: Wikipedia article 'Application programming interface')[1].

Google Trends[edit]

Google Trends is a service of Google often used by researchers and market practitioners. It gives a random, statistically representative sample of search term statistics for a given geographical entity. While Google Trends does not have a clearly defined API, it allows programmatic access to its data. CEEMID uses the gtrends R package to access data systematically from Google Trends[2].

Spotify API[edit]

TheAPI gives access to plenty of metadata for sound recordings, and the musicology data of the former EchoNest API[3] .

Foursquare API[edit]

The Foursquare API gives programatic access to the visitor data of music events, venues and festivals[4] .